Sunday, April 8, 2012

How to prepare for the NCLEX

Studying for the NCLEX can be a nightmare for most students, Passing the NCLEX is not that easy, but really guys, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work. So I list down essential tips that can serve as a review guideline for you.

1) Time frame - Set a time frame for you to follow, for others it would take only a month. But for some, it would take for a year before they would take the exam. Here is the key. No matter how long and extensive is your review. No one can say that they are 100% adequately prepared. What do I mean by this? For most test takers, even after they reviewed; done all the practice test and read the book cover to cover, there's still something inside, that tells you , "Hey I think I'm not yet prepared''. So what do most test takers do? DELAY! taking the test. And it is one of the most common error for most test takers. The more you delay after the review, the lesser is your chance of passing.

2) Study your weakest subjects first - Here is the thing, most exam takers usually spend more time on their favorite subjects and spend less time on their weakest subjects. Simply because it is more tiring and  needs more time to understand concepts.If it would require you to have a whole month to study subjects like pharmacology etc.. then do it! Which brings me back to my first tip, setting  a time frame for each subject. The key is, SPEND more time with your weakest subject.

3) Know the test plan - You should know how the NCLEX works. Familiarize yourself with the CAT exam.

4) Practice test everyday - A test taker should practice a minimum of around 2,000  questions before the exam, I say it again its the minimum! Sounds overwhelming? NO! I usually do  500 hundred questions a day, 250 in the morning and 250 in the evening,so in a month that would be 15,000.

5) Study Test taking strategies- NO matter how extensive your review is, there are questions that you will encounter that you don't have any idea on what you are asked of. So it is a matter of guessing intelligently.

6) Never stop studying until a few days before the exam - When I was preparing for my NCLEX , I never stopped studying even the night before the exam. It worked for me, my anxiety was so great that it pushed me to work harder. For some, they usually  took the day off  before the exam. So it depends on you on how many days you will  need to relax and calm your nerves. Make a  study program that would fit your time and study habit.

7) If you decide to take a review course in a review center? - Follow tips 1-6 first!   By preparing  on your own first , it will be more easier for you to understand concepts that will be tackled in the review course.

Feel free to post your Study tips below

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