Thursday, March 29, 2012

Key Points in the Exam

Testing Procedure

During the examination, RN candidates will be administered between 75 and 265 questions.  It is possible to pass the test by taking only the minimum number of questions, but not likely.  For most candidates, an average number of questions will be asked as the computer tried to approximate your ability by offering question of increasing or decreasing difficulty.  Once it has statistically approximated your ability, it will shut off, having determined whether you have passed or failed the test. The state board will contact you with the test scores.

The computer is programmed to offer a harder question if you answer the previous question correctly. On the other hand, it will offer an easier question if you answer the previous question incorrectly.

Key Point

The most critical questions are the first 20-30.  If you answer these questions correctly the computer will give you the most credit.
*** Dont panic if the person next to you finishes quicker and takes less total questions.
A maximum time limit of 6 hours is available.

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