Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Concepts on Growth and Development

                                                     INFANCY (0-1)
I - ron supplement begins at 4-6 months
     Immunization schedule Hepatitis B is the first to be given at birth,2months and 6 months
     OPV (2,4,15 mos) DPT ( 2,4,6 mos)
N-o choking hazards
F- ear of strangers peaks at 8 months
A-llow the use of pacifier if NPO
N- ote the weight doubles at 6 months, triples in 1 year and quadruples at 2 1/2 years
T- rust vs. mistrust
S-olitary play

                                                   TODDLER (1-3 years)
T- alk to the child in simple terms
O- ffer choices to the child to provide control
D-o not leave alone near the bathtub or swimming pool
D-oubt and shame vs. Autonomy
L-earns about death beginning at the age 3
E- limination patterns (Toilet training begins at 18 months)
R-ituals and routines

                                                   PRE-SCHOOLER (3-6 YEARS)
P-lay is associative / cooperative
R-egression is common
E-xplain procedures
S-ame age group for room assignment
C- urious
H- ighly imaginative (imaginary playmate)
O-bserve for inintiative vs. guilt
O-ff limits to the kitchen (risk for poison and burns)
L-oss of body part ( mutilation) is a common fear

                                                  SCHOOLER (6-12 YEARS)
S- ame sex stage
C-ompetitive play
H-ero worship, realistic concept of death 9-10yrs
O-bserve for industry and inferiority
O-ff limits to vehicles (risk for accidents)
L- oss of control is a common fear
E-xplain procedures
R-egression is common