Wednesday, March 28, 2012

20 top test taking tip

1.  Carefully follow all the test registration procedures

2.  Know the test directions, duration, topics, question types, how many questions
3.  Setup a flexible study schedule at least 3-4 weeks before test day

4.  Study during the time of day you are most alert, relaxed, and stress free

5.  Maximize your learning style; visual learner use visual study aids, auditory learner use auditory study aids
6.  Focus on your weakest knowledge base

7.  Find a study partner to review with and help clarify questions

8.  Practice, practice, practice

9.  Get a good nights sleep; dont try to cram the night before the test

10. Eat a well balanced meal

11. Know the exact physical location of the testing site; drive the route to the site prior to test day

12. Bring a set of ear plugs; the testing center could be noisy

13. Wear comfortable, loose fitting, layered clothing to the testing center;

prepare for it to be either cold or hot during the test

14. Bring at least 2 current forms of ID to the testing center

15. Arrive to the test early; be prepared to wait and be patient

16. Eliminate the obviously wrong answer choices, then guess the first remaining choice
17. Pace yourself; dont rush, but keep working and move on if you get stuck

18. Maintain a positive attitude even if the test is going poorly

19. Keep your first answer unless you are positive it is wrong

20. Check your work, dont make a careless mistake

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